Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At the beginning of Lent, I attempted to make this crown of thorns made with a salt dough and toothpicks. It didn't turn out so pretty, but (thankfully) that wasn't the goal. The point is that each night we are to sit down and review our day and name the kind acts we do for others and pull out one of the toothpicks, or thorns from Jesus' crown.

Not even halfway into Lent and we are each realizing that while we do kind things throughout the day, none of them (yet) feel big enough or important enough to lighten the load for Christ. In just going through the motions of our day.... we are are not being "kind enough."

So last night we redefined what "kind" is:

anything you do for another person, family or otherwise,
in which you receive no payment;
the only "kickback" would be the good feeling that results
from having helped someone.


Anita said...

Good stuff! What a thoughtful and meaningful idea. For Lent at our house, we always save the Christmas cards and pray for different families each night at dinner.

Lizz said...

mg, that reminds me of the girl scouts' "do a good turn daily." it is hard to think of something that you've done **without being asked** to be helpful to another person. great idea!!

anita, that's a great idea too! that reminds me that my card to you this past Christmas got returned. i think i have an old address for you guys. can you email it to me?