Tuesday, March 8, 2011

just between us girls

Of course this is nothing we girls would talk about in mixed company, but I think whoever came up with the description of a nice looking man as "Hottie McHottie" is a genius. Some things make me giggle everytime I think about them.... this is one of them.

(Another is a time when my aunts took all of us girl cousins to the beach and we checked into our room, went out on the balcony, and saw that there was an overweight lady sunbathing - bottom side up. Her annoying 8 year old son was running all around her, like a fly at a picnic. I'm sure I don't remember whose idea it was but my partner-in-crime cousin and I went to the ice machine and filled up the ice bucket and while the aunts attention was distracted by my sister who had been complaining about her loose tooth, cuz and I hit our target right between her cheeks. Something I am sure I will have to make amends for before I enter the pearly gates.)

Anyhoo, the child-of-mine-who-thinks-most-like-me and I were coming up with alternative names to describe above-mentioned, nice looking love interest.

  • Hottie McYachttie is what you call your love while y'all are sailing.
  • Hottie McPlottie is when you have a crush on your lit teacher.
  • Hottie McHotShottie is when your love is a show off on the ball field.
  • Hottie McJohnGottie is when you live in da Bronx and suspect your love is in da mafia.
  • Hottie McIdiottie is when he's cute.. but he's not that smart.
  • Hottie McOopsIForgottie is when you still like him even after he forgets your anniversary.
  • Hottie McBoycottie is if you don't forgive him after he forgets your anniversary.
  • Hottie McBlottie is when he makes you too mad and you wipe him from your memory banks.
  • Hottie McGotALottie is your love interest, even if he is a spoiled little rich kid.
  • Hottie McHottentottie is what young girls from the Khoikhoi tribe in South Africa may have called their love interests. (Even though when I was a child, it was not, apparently the term is now derogatory. So if you want to be politically correct, please do not use it.)
  • Hottie McKarattie is when your love knows a martial art.
  • Hottie McLatte is when you go visit your love at his workplace, Starbucks. (Score!)
  • Hottie McNottie is what you call all other boys that you are not attracted to.
  • Hottie McNaughty ... let's just say your mother will not let you like this boy, so don't even think about it! Next!!!
  • Hottie McPot.... erm... nevermind. Next!!!
  • Hottie McRottie...ew, gross - too, too, Tutankhamun. Next!!
  • Hottie McRobottie is when your love interest is cute, but has no personality.
  • Hottie McSnottie is who he is during allergy season.
  • Hottie McScottie is when he wears plaid.
  • Hottie McSquattie is when he is a bit shorter than you are.
  • Hottie McTaterTottie is when you visit your love at his new workplace because he got fired for sneaking you too many Java Chip Frappuccinos and now he works at BoJangles.
  • Hottie McHitTheJackPottie is when your sweet love pops the question and you say "I Do."


lizzerd said...

wow! it's dangerous that she thinks like we do. you should warn her now that she will be kept awake at times in her life when it is most important that she sleep (like the night before finals)by her brain coming up with stuff like this. there is no off button.

ps very funny stuff indeed!!

vcrick said...

The tall one and I love the list!