Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in my opinion

Because a friend of mine mentioned the current train wreck du jour, I just watched a couple of recent interviews with Charlie Sheen. All I can say is that it makes me abhor Hollywood and the media even more than I already do. None of these media types care about this man who is obviously on a downward spiral to either harming himself (and) or others. None of them want to help Mr. Sheen, they just want an audience for their sponsors.

Rather than forgoing ratings and getting the man the help he so desperately needs, they want plenty of footage so that on the morning of this sick man's death, they can replay all the mug shots and interview sound bites, which, admittedly, are like going down the rabbit hole.

Respect ALL life. Even Charlie Sheen.


Perryn said...

sadly, this is nothing new (look at poor judy garland), we just get more of it thrust into our faces because of 24 hour media and certain elements' of society's insatiable desire to pry into people's private lives.

i'll be keeping mr sheen in prayers that he does get the help he needs before it's too late

MJDMom said...

So sad!!! Talk about rock bottom!

lizzerd said...

sadly, he is a megalomaniac & most likely paranoid schizophrenic. he thinks the rest of the world is crazy & there is nothing wrong with him. people like that won't seek help since, in their minds, they don't need it & you're just trying to control them if you suggest it.
tom cruise is of the same cloth as poor charlie.