Tuesday, November 30, 2010

do you hear that?

Is it just me or do I hear that circus music again?

I'd go and check to see where it is coming from, only I'd drop something.

Why can't this time of year be for long walks in crunch leaves, hot apple cider, and snuggling up with the ones you love? Instead it is about congested roadways, guilt from recent food binges (aka Thanksgiving weekend), big projects that the kids have been preparing for since the beginning of school, regional competitions, and trying to be generous=yet-thrifty consumers in a world where Christmas Excess is King.


Anita said...

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the December Circus. In this ring, we have MOM baking Christmas cookies that don't burn, shopping for presents on a budget, waking without sleeping, decorating the house for Christmas, taxing all 5 kids to places all over the city, while still cooking supper, doing the laundry, and holding tightly to her sanity!

lizzerd said...

it's about what YOU make it about. let the kids worry about their own projects & preparation (i know that is hard for you, but do it once & you'll get addicted. haha). they have to learn at some point that you won't always be there to hold their hands & remind them of a deadline. better they learn it now & not lose a job over it later.
also, Christmas giving is from the heart, not the wallet. meaningful gifts are much better than expensive ones any day! it means more when someone really takes the time to think about the person the gift is for & tap into what that person is about.
now, my prescription for circus syndrome is to go brew a pot of coffee & sit with your feet up, nestle into king's chest & y'all have a good laugh about something!
love you!!!

:o) mg said...

"holding tightly to her sanity"
Boy, do you have THAT right!