Sunday, November 7, 2010

decisions, decisions

Tuesday we will be moving some shutters upstairs that were downstairs in the living room. They were eliminated when we added our new room.... did I tell you about it already? It's very cool. Three hundred sq ft. Two thirds of it is space for the kids to play and one third is for grown-ups to relax. Sadly, the kiddos continue to want to bring their toys into the LR, DR, hall, and kitchen. Sigh. Oh well, this too shall pass, eh?

Anyhoo.... back to the upstairs. The shutters will be going into the girls' room. Our two oldest daughters sleep in that room, but honestly, for the love of Pete, I can't seem to talk myself out of moving my youngest in there with them and then having (are you ready for this?) a sewing room all to myself! I could even put an elliptical machine up there to hang clothes on so I can exercise! Hey, I think my sister even has one she'd let me have. Unless she needs the extra hanging space, that is.

So, if all three girls are going to be in the same room, we are trying to decide if they will need matching beds. And if they need matching beds, do we try to save up for these. Ye oldest, who I suspect, based on some stuff she has murmured lately, is growing weary of little ones; which leads us to contemplate moving her to her own room.... spoiled little brat, there goes my expensive coat rack. She has also mentioned wanting to change the decor of their room. She'd like a black and white theme.

Speaking of black and white, I am finally getting around to finishing the curtains for my dining room. They are looking quite loverly. Remind me to take some pictures when I get them done, k?


lizzerd said...

love the beds (and the name of the collection)!
nope, can't have my drying rack, i mean, elliptical.

vcrick said...

My vote goes with #1. ha ha Sorry.

Anita said...

It's another vote for #1 and her black and white need for privacy.

Pictures of curtains, new room would both be appreciated.

Ellipticals are terrible for your knees...good excuse NOT to use!