Wednesday, November 17, 2010

amazing giveaway

Cute little Jo at "a cup of Jo" has a recent blog entry in which she tells about an awesome giveaway for 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly for bloggers. Click here or the link below.

King and I are very familiar with Shutterfly. We have used them for our cards for a few years now. We have really been happy with their quality and their website could not get any easier to use.
Every year we take a picture of the kids and send it with our Christmas greeting cards. When we first started sending cards, it seemed like every other year there was a new baby in the picture! It is always interesting to see the silly face our fourth child will have once we sit down and look at the pictures. He is such a ham!!!
Last year's card was one of my favorites. Because I love black and white photography for the fact that it is not only simple, but it hides so many flaws in the skin, we chose a basic card that would compliment the photo well. The design, as luck would have it, is called Classic Black. Historically our picture has been taken outside around the house somewhere, usually on the front porch swing. With five rapidly growing kids, though, we are finding it harder and harder to fit them all on the swing, so we are having to resort to other, roomier places.


Now, the Christmas photos were amazing, but I really want to brag about the gift we got for my mom from Shutterfly. Then we decided to do a photo book for her Christmas gift. It was filled with our favorite pictures from the year along with text that I wrote to go along with the pictures. I definitely plan on doing the same thing this year (but, shhh don't spoil the surprise).

Ennyhoo, I highly recommend you go to Shutterfly right now and order your Christmas greeting cards or Christmas photos. Then I think you should make someone you love a photo book for Christmas. Don't forget to come back and tell me how wonderful I am for making your gift-giving so much easier.

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