Monday, November 15, 2010

feelin' beachy

We went to the coast this weekend with friends.... how did they know November would be the perfect time to be there? It's my new favorite time to go. Course, I imagine December isn't too shabby either. Or January... February... or even March. Hrm... I'm noticing a pattern.

I will say, however, that our Yukon was covered with tons of sand. Unbelievable. The "way back" seat must have had - no exaggeration - 2 cups of sand where #2 was sitting. I just want to know where it was before it got on the seat? Or... maybe I don't. Some things are best left as mysteries.

Our family was honored to have been invited along for this weekend. It was such a peaceful place to be. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the house.
It was built in the 1800's by a sea captain. The original structure basically had three rooms. The family, who bought it from the sea captain just before the turn of the century, has added to it over the years. Hurricane Hugo damaged a great deal of the home, but the original structure withstood the storm. Of course, I was enchanted by the incredible charm of the house, most especially the original portions.

Just can't get any prettier than this double door, painted Charleston I mean Green (thanks Maureen).

It is such a lovely home, filled with many memories throughout the years that their family has owned it. I hope it will continue to be a well-loved vacation spot for their kin for many generations to come.


Anita said...

Love the pixs! The trip and home sound amazing. Hope you actually got to relax.

Maureen said...

Charleston Green!
Had fun with ya'll!

lizzerd said...

beautiful pics!

Catherine said...

Those pics are Gorgeous to no surprise! What a great trip, the only problem.....too short. You really do need to get with Holly, your photography is awesome (King's too!)