Sunday, October 10, 2010

a whole new meaning to the term dirty laundry

You know those "odd socks" that happen in laundry? The ones you previously thought fell victim to some sock-eating monster who ate the other half of the pair? Well, worry no longer that your laundry room is filled with creepy villains.

Actually, what has happened is that your dirty laundry is breeding. Your socks are actually doing the nasty while they are waiting in line to be washed. The odd socks you find are not remnants of a previous pair, but rather the result of "mating socks".


Anita said...

That explains so much. And the dishes that show up from nowhere in the sink, are they somehow related?

:o) mg said...

No, that is actually evidence of a very thoughtful husband who didn't leave them in the den.

ps- tell hubby I've got his back ;)

lizzerd said...

if only the money in my wallet would do the same thing!! oh, wait i guess i'd have to have some in there for that to happen! hahahaa