Monday, October 25, 2010

what. uh-huh. yes. sawreh.

Things are busy, but we are finding moments of mirth between the fall leaves being tracked in and the gazillion socks and underwear waiting to be folded.

One thing the older three and I have been giggling at lately is Gilly from Saturday Night Live. Now, you must understand that SNL comes on way past our bedtimes. Gone are the days we would stay awake until just after the first music set, when the skits went downhill and it was no longer worth fighting heavy eyelids.
But I stumbled upon a reference to this Gilly recently and I gotta tell ya: She is more fun than the Annoying Orange.



lizzerd said...

wow. they are at a loss for comedy nowadays, huh?

ps heyapple!

:o) mg said...

.... and our family is easily amused.