Friday, October 1, 2010

on the use of commas

I remember my senior year of high school every single essay I wrote had "comma splice" written several times within the margins, so I have to giggle each time I write a blog entry.

Because, I, am, certain, that, I, either, overuse, them, or, do, not, use, them, in, the, r,i,g,h,t, places.

Hopefully my point comes across nonetheless.

Or, if nothing else, some punctuation expert's eye muscles get a workout from all the rolling they do when they see my mistakes.


lizzerd said...

yeah, me, too! my commas are pauses & much like santa, i use a lot of subordinate clauses. hahaha

Perryn said...

it's not so much the misuse of commas that bothers me, but the inappropriate or incorrect use of the apostrophe!!! that's the thing guaranteed to send me off on one!

the number of times i have boycotted cafes and restaurants who have advertised that they serve tea's and coffee's rather than teas and coffees is unreal. it makes me want to take a big red pen and correct the sign before going into the establishment and yelling PLURALS DON'T NEED AN APOSTROPHE, YOU MORON!!!

Ah, rant over - i feel much better now....

Anita said...

What, splices?