Friday, October 1, 2010

the sound of busy

Things are settling into a nice, dull roar. Ahhh. Can you hear it?
There is laundry all over my living room and papers scattered throughout the dining room, butler's pantry, kitchen area.... field trip permission forms, kindergarten school work (Good Job!) coupons and lists. School shoes. Dance shoes. Tennis shoes. Horseback riding boots. And a couple of half consumed water bottles.
Would I be embarassed if a friend popped by unexpectedly?
But would any of my friends stop being my friend because I am "keepin' it real"?


vcrick said...

Welcome to my world! College has thrown up all over my dining room table. There is no hope of eating in the dining room for Thanksgiving. Christmas, now that has definite possibilities.

MaryPat said...

I love your home. It is so beautiful! With 5 children, if you didn't get clutter, I'd never speak to you again, haha! Joke...but come to my house-you'll feel better.