Sunday, October 10, 2010

what a load of biofuel

The year was 1990. King was an engineer in the paper industry. I remember well that the Environmentalist Wackos (hat tip to Rush Limbaugh) who wanted to save trees came up with the idea of these wonderful plastic bags for groceries.

The paper industry families we were close to were all very disturbed by the fact that the EW's didn't comprehend that paper is a RENEWABLE RESOURCE. The paper companies own lots of land on which they plant trees (employing many people) and after a 15 year cycle, the trees are then harvested and new ones are planted in their place.

Planting trees as a crop!?!?!
Who wudda thunk it?
Brilliant, huh?

When plastic bags hit the grocery stores, the bagboy asked "Paper or Plastic?", then the day came when plastic was king and paper was no longer an option.

Twenty years later we now have the "Less Plastic Fantastic" campaign. Like sheep following the bleeting of idiots, our Nation's collective "alternative fueled vehicle" has made a 180 degree change in direction.


Anita said...

Now that's a load of recycling!

lizzerd said...


Lisa said...

I always just want to be deliberately contrary to whatever the EWs are spouting. If they want me to use paper, I use plastic and vice versa. (But, most definitely, paper makes lots more sense.)