Friday, June 25, 2010

sailin' on the edge of crazy

I just started writing this country song... you think it'll make it to the charts?

ohhh oh oh ohhhoh
If I had a do....llar.
For every time I cleaned up a puddle of piss.
You and I could take a week-long cruise.
ohhh oh oh oh
On a Sea of Bliss.
That's the first verse... I'll keep working on the rest of the song (and keep cleaning up puddles).


Perryn said...

ok, so now i'm REALLY hoping you just got a puppy..........

MaryPat said...

The 2nd verse should have something about puke in it if your house is like could rhyme it with, er...nuke? but then the song would probably be a little dark even for country

Bia said...

uhm...maybe you shouldn't use " a puddle of piss"

how about "a puddle of piddle"? :0)

:o) mg said...

Yeah, but there is no body of water that rhymes with "piddle".

Anita said...

I must suggest going from country to blue grass. This song has the makings of one of those sad, lonesome songs that make all mothers tear up. Just a thought!