Monday, June 28, 2010

a short letter to my dear high school friends

Dearest Class of 1985,
In just a few short weeks we will be getting together for our 25th High School Reunion. Looking forward to seeing all of you and just wanted to clear something up before we see each other. Remember how I was always overweight in high school?
Yeah. Well, nothing has changed. K?
There. I've said it.
I am still a nice person underneath all these layers. But I mean, life's been a little stressy, y'know? Also, I have had 5 children, all by c-section I might add, so cut me some slack won'tcha?
Maybe by our 50th I will have slimmed down a bit, but I ain't promisin' anything.
O. Kay. Just thought I'd get that out there in the open.
I just hope it makes this case of the cold feet go away.
:o) mg


Anita said...

Remember to take pictures of those 5 beautiful kids. That will wow the crowd. I think you look terrific and very happy.

Kathy at Wellness Roadtrip said...

That's funny and I'm sure every one attending would like to say the same thing....well maybe some of the men would just like to comment on their hairline before they arrive! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't noticed, we are ALL 25 years older and despite what thoughts are going through your sweet little head, we have ALL aged and some of us have 'expanded'! I will never see a size 10 again OR a size 12 OR, well you get the picture! We are so excited to see everyone and NO ONE cares what size you are or how much hair you have or what color it is!!!! This is supposed to be about getting together with old friends whom we cherish no matter what!!! I do hope you are bringing those 5 beautiful children of yours to the family social because all of your classmates would like to meet them! Go and stick those cold feed in a warm bath, pack your bags and get on up here! See you soon! Love from the JM Class of 1985!