Monday, June 14, 2010

that woman

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Sitting in Mass last night, I had to keep myself from sobbing from the Gospel reading. It is from Luke Chapter 7 about the sinful woman who wiped Jesus' feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She then anointed them ointment from an alabaster flask.

I thought of the song "I Can Only Imagine" and imagined that'd probably be what I would do in the presence of Christ. I am that woman.


Kathy at Wellness Roadtrip said...

Hey MG...I'm so glad to find you again. I've been blogging more and now am reconnecting with all the people I loved to follow. Glad to see your family is well. I couldn't find where to email you...I probably still have it somewhere. I'll be checking back.

I'm also very familiar with the verse. I do believe my biblical scholars think this woman was a it sort of made me chuckle when you said, "I am that woman." But really not to make light...we are all sinners and should fall at His feet :)


:o) mg said...

Oh, for sure she WAS a prostitute. But the very fact that she fell at the foot of Christ was so powerful in that it showed her regret... ALL sin is equal in God's eyes.
I like to wonder how her life changed from that experience. She must have become a "disciple", no doubt.

:o) mg said...

ps - glad you found me again. I will have to start reading you again. I last stopped at "the bear".

Anita said...

What a powerful reminder of grace. Thank you! I too think of myself as that woman when I think of meeting Jesus--not worthy but wanting his forgiveness and his grace and love.