Tuesday, June 1, 2010

they will say anything, won't they?

So, it's dinnertime, so the phone rings, right? You know who it is: Someone Asking For Money
It was a young man asking for money for his cause. Tonight it was MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Because I am a Southerner and find it hard to be rude, I listened to his spiel. I told him that I already had several Catholic charities that I gave to, but that I appreciated his hard work in spreading MADD's message.
"I understand Mrs. ****, and not wanting to take away from any charity you already give to, I know that your Catholic charities are important to you,
in fact my grandfather was a Catholic minister,
perhaps you would consider donating at a lower level."
Um. Yeah.
I mean, sure, it could be possible that his grandfather was a Catholic priest, but if he a) left the priesthood or b) impregnated this boy's grandmother, I doubt it was something the rest of the family boasted about. Just sayin'. But I was pretty sure at this point he was more than likely grasping for straws.
Needless to say, I was less impressed by his "hard work spreading the message" and ushered him off the other end of my line as soon as I could.

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lizzerd said...

i hope you called him out on that. what a jerk! are you not on the do not call list? girl, you should be!!!