Friday, February 19, 2010

the luckiest girl in the house

King and number 3 special date night: Father/Daughter Dance

To surprise her, while she was at school I loaded the little ones in the car and went to a local department store to find her the perfect dress and the perfect shoes. When she got home, she was so excited. The dress looked perfect on her. She took her shower, we did her hair, and I snapped a few pictures of a very special couple. This little girl, the exact middle child, was on Cloud Nine to be getting to spend time with her Daddy. All. By. Herself.


my beautiful girl coming down the stairs
a special surprise from Daddy: a rose and a sweet note that she says she is going to keep forever (yes, I will make sure she does!)
one more picture before they headed out


lizzerd said...

that is THE SWEETEST!!!!!! i love it! i don't know who is luckier, king or #3. they both have a wonderful date.
that dress is gorgeous and #3's smile makes it that much prettier!
please give her a huge hug from me and tell her how much i love her & how proud i am of her!

Perryn said...

awwwwwww!!!! she looks so gorgeous (and king's looking pretty spiffy too!).

MaryPat said...

Am in LOVE with that dress!! I showed my 9 year old who said "AWWWWWWWWW!"
She is beautiful and I think it's sweet she got to have her dad to herself for the evening.

Theresa said...

She looks beautiful! Hope they had a great time!

vcrick said...

She looks beautiful. I really like the black shawl.

Anita said...

Three great pictures! Hope the night was very special for King and #3. She looks like a princess and King cleans up all nice like.