Wednesday, February 24, 2010

comfort food

I am generally not one of those cooks that follows a recipe. More often than not, I have to be "inspired" by something lurking in the fridge or freezer. It's really too bad for my family for lots of reasons. Since cooking is more of a creative thing, I generally don't make the same thing twice. (Oh, sure it would be easy to have every Tuesday be spaghetti night, but where's the creativity?!?)
That being said, I must have put these flavors together before because it tastes just as comfortable as sitting on the couch in your favorite jammies wrapped up in your softest blanket on a Saturday morning.. (and while we're at it, let's go ahead and fantasize that the kids are all sleeping late, shall we?!)
Let's call it:
Serene Queen Florentine

You will notice that we buy the Sam's size of everything. Keep in mind that we are feeding 7 people, one of which is a teenage boy - need I say more? I will give the proportions I used, though the recipe is so damn easy, you can increase or decrease the servings handily.
  • cook rice (3 c water 1 1/2 c rice 3 T butter)
  • dice the baked chicken into bite sized pieces
  • cube 8 oz cream cheese (that is one package for normal people)
  • add 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • pour in 2 c half n half (or milk)
  • 1 pkg thawed spinach
  • add herbs/spices to taste (basil & oregano or just plain ol' salt & white pepper)


Catherine B. said...

This sounds so yummy, I can't wait to make it! How much spinach........aaaa nevermind, I love spinach, I can eyeball it. :)

Sandy said...

Yum. I could use brown rice and some ff half and half. Did you bake it after you mixed it up?

:o) mg said...

Sandy, I didn't bake it afterward, but you sure could... might could even add an egg to hold it together like a casserole.

Catherine, oh, about one package (frozen).

lizzerd said...

i have found that the best cooks fly by the seats of their culinary pants. this sounds & looks DELISH!!! i may have to try this. i always forget to buy cream cheese though.

:o) mg said...

**added the spinach to the list of ingredients

Sandy said...

I make a spinach pie that I just love so I know I am going to like this.