Tuesday, December 8, 2009

no she ditten

Tonight we went to Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. There was a sparse crowd despite the fact that it is a Holy Day of Obligation. The kids had all (those in school, anyway) gone this morning, and King and I decided that this would be a beautiful time to spend together by ourselves. So, #1 babysat while we scooted up the hill to church.

There is a certain group of people, the Irish Travelers, perhaps you've heard of them. They are notorious for traveling around the East coast scamming people by painting their houses or barns. Getting paid good money to paint with very watered down paint which washes away within a couple of months. To be fair, some are decent, honest folks. Some are not and give a bad name to all. Anyhoo, they usually show up en masse, dressed in their matching Tommy Hilfiger outfits or their Juicy Couture, hair is all the same (big, long, and straight for the younger ones)... and. their. phones.

Tonight, we had just gotten back from receiving communion, and the woman whose phone rang actually answered it!

Bigger Name on the Other Line!


Catherine B. said...

That happened to me at Mass in N.A. she bent down in the pew to answer and proceed to have a conversation!!! As if this would magically make her invisible AND silent.

Soutenus said...

Ohhhhh noooo!
. . . . . Any chance it was the hospital (a call she had been expecting sometime soon and that is the reason her phone was on) informing her that her mother/father/sister/brother was probably not going to live another hour and to rush to the bedside NOW?

Perryn said...

ugh! that is one of my pet peeves (and i own a cell phone)! if it wouldn't have been a completely un-christian thing to do, i'd have turned around and slapped the cr*p out of her for being so tacky and disrespectful! i think you were wonderfully self-controlled for not doing the same. think i may have to come to you for serenity lessons!!!!

lizzerd said...

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man! that's horrible!!

lizzerd said...

i wonder if she had a hard time hitting the answer button with her franga nails?