Monday, May 11, 2009

three: the gift that keeps on giving

Yesterday, Mothers' Day, we spent most of the day outside. The weather was incredible, King planted some roses for me, pruned the lavender and fixed the childrens' wooden swing. Number 1, sadly, had to stay inside all day and work on a school project she had put off until the last minute. (Lesson learned: consequences)
Number 4 had all the fun and excitement of being outside and went in for a couple of hours. He watched the Bugs Bunny DVDs that Santa brought at Christmas. After which he marches outside on the front porch and announces "I've got to tee tee," and started marching toward the bushes. "Oh no you don't," scolded King, "You can't do that out here, someone might see you."

"Fine then!" he stomped off, "I'll go in the backyard."

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Sandy said...

I won't even talk about Roy writing his name in the snow.