Sunday, May 31, 2009

meet the new dolly

Meet Five's new dolly. She was made by LittleJennyWren, who lives in Australia. I stumbled upon her website and not only love her blog and the way she inspires me to live each day simply and peacefully, but also, I love love love the beautiful dolls she creates.
This was a very special order for a sweet girl who turned two in March.

After taking off Dolly's dress and shoes, Number 5 is showing her the new surroundings. Outside of this window is what I call my Mother's Day Garden. It is filled with hydrangeas, which Dolly thinks are beautiful.

They have filled out nicely this year.

(putting the shoes back on)

Number 3 asked me nearly every day when the new doll from "Down Under" would be here. When the postman rang the doorbell, she answered the door. He handed her the package and when she saw all the stamps on it, she started squealing. "Mommy Mommy, the doll is here! The doll is here!" She went into the living room and scooped her little sister up and brought her in to where I was. "Can we open it right now? Pleeeeze!!!" she begged.

I'm thinking this is going to be a lifelong friendship, don't you?


Jenny said...

Just beautiful. Thank you so much. They look perfect together.

lizzerd said...

awww!! that is the sweetest thing i have ever seen! she looks a lot like sarah in the top pic. she's so grown-up looking.

Bia said...

What doll? I just see a cute little girl.