Thursday, October 23, 2008

survey question

The stem end of a banana: "pop top" or "handle"?
I've always used the top (stem) end as a pop top to peel a banana. My adorable, but in this instance odd, husband uses it as a handle and opens it from the blunt end. While it is a neat concept to use the stem as a handle, you get banana peel goo in your thumbnail. I had never before met anyone who does this. Please feel free to weigh in on this poll.


lizzerd said...

i guess since we grew up in the same house, i am like you. but, i have seen others do it the other way. seemed odd to me, too. i guess it's kinda like putting the toilet paper upside down.

:o) mg said...

ew, yeah... that drives me to distraction.
However, my family has decided that it is simpler to just plop the roll of tp on top of the holder.
"V", my good friend who chooses NOT to be mentioned in my blog, says she "feels the love as a valued member of the fam" when she comes over and gets to put the tp on the holder. She does a fab job. She also folds clothes the same way I do. We pinky-promised to come fold the other one's laundry in case one of us meets with an untimely death.

lizzerd said...

there are meds for that, you know! hahaha

Bia said...

That is the strangest thing...I would never have thought that it was even possible to open a banana from the stubby end.