Saturday, September 15, 2007

uh oh

Told ya so.... guess what broke last night? Here's a hint: read the last post.
I will probably have to frequent the laundromat for a little bit, but hopefully this will translate into a new washer/dryer and updated laundry "room".
The traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift is supposed to be crystal or, for the more modern choice, a watch but I will take the appliance option.


laundrylessons said...

I'm green...literally turnng chartruese. If this death happens it means you'll hit the big time. New machines. Oh why can't my machines die??? If I tried to kill my machines the CSI of repairmen would probably turn me in. Please let me live vicariously through you!!!

Patti Doughty said...

When I bought my house, I inherited the fridge. Once, when I rented my house out for a year and a half while I lived with a friend, my tenants bought a new stove for it. My washer and dryer must have been purchased new, but so long ago that I have no memory of buying them. I did once get a new dishwasher.

I know eventually we'll get a new fridge and the kids have already started putting in their bids for water and ice in the door, etc. But we'll use this one until the very last second, which just maybe the rest of our natural lives.

Maybe in Heaven the Lord will let me choose all new appliances. Wouldn't that be grand!

Leah said...

I love those washers and dryers. Did you know you can wash 22 towels, large towels, at the same time?!!!!

Leah said...

hey, go vote on my poll about what I'm having. I put it up so I wouldn't have to keep updating my post!