Monday, September 24, 2007

our new babysitter

Well, in less than a week, Mr. Fixit has outdone himself! In the first picture, there is a yellow glare from the camera flash, but it is the only way I could get the whole room. The second picture, on the right, shows more of what the room actually looks like. We spent the better portion of this afternoon and evening getting all the crapola put into the cabinets/throw away/put into the yard sale box.
I have actually done three loads of laundry too! I just can't imagine how the clothes are getting clean without using much water, but they are so nice when I take them out of the dryer, so I'll just assume they're clean. Hmphf. High effeciency washer.
You know how with a top loader, when the wash cycle finishes, you take the clothes out and they are shaped like the inside of your washer.... well, when these come out of the washer, it's like the magic frontloader fairy shook all the clothes out for you. That way, once they are finished in the dryer, they have less wrinkles. So cool. Also, we might as well sell tickets to the "laundry room show". We've been standing in there staring at the washer while it does its thing. As long as number 4 doesn't press any buttons, we will be calling it our new babysitter.
On a totally separate note, I have been 40 for 17 minutes. Oh wait, 18 now. What "they" say is true, time flies when you are older. That minute went by way too fast.
So, back to the new laundry room.... I decided for a couple of reasons to go with white. The first reason is that we had a full gallon of white satin paint. The second reason is... well, I wouldn't have to spend money if I just used what I already had. I was thinking about using a color that I had used when we restored the house, but what if I ran out and had all but a 2 ft section painted. I would have been mad.
I've always dreamed about being in a white padded cell anyway, so this might be as close as I can get - without the actual application of the straight jacket. Fine with me.
For the record, I was thinking about painting the walls black. No, wait, just think how beautiful a piece of artwork would look against it.... see? Anything at all would just POP against the black. Anyone who actually knows me will tell you I'm not afraid of color. After all, its only paint. For another $10 you can start over. But when my sister reminded me how much light black walls would absorb, I threw in the towel. I like the white. I really do.

Been 40 for over 30 minutes now. Heavens to Betsy! I'm going to bed.


lizzerd said...

that looks GREAT!!!!! yay!!! i am so happy for you that you finally got front loaders. hmm, maybe i need to use the heck out of my w & d so i can get new ones. wait, that would require me to do a lot of laundry. NAH!!! i like the cabinets a lot. can't wait to see it in person one of these days! haha
love you!!

Bia said...

Buon compleanno, mg, and welcome to the 40 Club . . . it's really a great place to be. I've been celebrating this milestone for seven months now and I love it!! Also, your new laundry room looks so good that I am sure, what used to be a chore, has been elevated to a whole new level!! (Tiara on straight??!!??)

sandy said...

Love the new washer and dryer. I have heard that front loader washer do a much better job of cleaning than top loaders.

Honey, just go to bed til til tomorrow or have a lot of wine. Personally I plan on doing the latter next month. Happy Birthday.

Pat said...

You've got another 15-20 years before the warranties on your body parts start expiring; you're just a baby!

laundrylessons said...

Ahhh...let me just soak in your laundry room aura. It is lovely, neat, efficient and yours! Was it your birthday gift too? Appliances are my DH's idea of birthday presents. Although for my 40th I bought myself new everyday dishes...equally exciting! Happy big 40!!

Leah said...

Woohoo! It looks great!
btw, I wasn't sick with my girls. I was actually the least sick with them. I just lose a lot of weight during pregnancy, at least the early part. It would be great if I could keep that weight off after birth!

Patti Doughty said...

mg, I'm so tickled for you. The cabinets are beautiful and so well-placed. Isn't it nice to be able to put everything behind a closed cabinet door.

When we spent three months in England last year, the washer took 4 hours per load. It used almost no water and kept having to toss the clothes through the little dab of moisture in the bottom, thus the time frame. When we came home, I couldn't stay out of the laundry room. I'd open the lid of the washer and watch for what seemed like hours. Twenty minutes - 20! and my load was done. Amazing - especially after having been without.