Saturday, September 1, 2007

ew, gross

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. Earlier in the day, when we were planning the menu, I said that I would do the kid's menu... hot dogs, tater tots, salad, and dessert. I knew I had a lot of jello and pudding. I thought I even had some Dream Whip. They have four kids, we have 5, so I figured I could whip up something fun, tasty, and kid-friendly as a sweet little after dinner treat.

After peeking in the cabinet, I decided to make a cherry/vanilla layered concoction. So, I got busy making all the ingredients. First I made the jello and poured it into my rectangular Pyrex dish. Into the fridge it went to set. Next up, the pudding. Pop! Into the fridge it went too. Fast forward an hour or so, after both were no longer in a liquid state. I spread the pudding on top of the jello layer then made the Dream Whip. I figured we'd just spoon it on top of each serving.

After dinner and a little playing, the kids wanted to taste my cherry vanilla surprise. As it was being spooned onto dessert plates, I realized this dessert looked a lot like......... well, infection.

All of the adults were cracking up. I was so thankful that the kids (none of which has ever lanced a boil) were all raving about how yummy it tasted. File this under "Whew, I'm glad I didn't experiment with cherry/pistachio!"


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laundrylessons said...

Do you mean it looked like a giant zit??? How funny. I had a jello disaster once when I had to make red, white, and blue jello for the neighborhood 4th of July party. I'm not good with jello, especially for a crowd. I spilled the industrial sized pan of red all over my spare fridge. Needless to say I've stayed away from jello ever since. At least kids love it.