Thursday, July 14, 2011

time to employ that lamaze breathing training

I have been asked to co-chair a major event at the high school.  As if  that wasn't intimidating enough (big shoes were left to fill), there happens to be a little sideline drama going on which makes me forget to breathe sometimes. 
So if y'all see me around town and I look a little blue, elbow me and remind me to breathe, k?

Also, if you're the prayin' kind, could you offer up a prayer that I will remember to glorify God in all I do? 


MJDMom said...

Done! Here's one for your meditation...helps me during those "turning blue" times: Lord, into your hands I abandon the past, present and future; not much and a lot; the little and the big; the temporal and the eternal.

Anita said...

You will be excellent at the postition, and they are lucky to have you helping out. MJDMom's prayer will certainly help. Whenever I am leading something I say this to myself,"Don't take yourself too seriously." Finding the best in the team you work with and empowering them to do their part is the fun of it. Prayer has begun!