Sunday, July 24, 2011

finally, my very own clothesline!

I've mentioned before that I am not really a "greenie", but if it will $ave our family moolah, or if it is something creative, I am all about it.  Like last week, when I made a cute little sporty skirt out of two old school sweatshirts.  Of the three "R's" I can claim "RE-USE" on that project.  I get points for that, right Mr. Gore? 

Mmmm, there is nothing like sheets dried in the sun.  Or towels.  Or unders.  And you just can't beat the bleaching power of the sun.

For several years now, I have envied my grandmother's clothes line.

now those are T bars with patina!

"Et up" with vintage coolness.


All that being said, today was the day that King and I decided to put one up.  We really don't have that much room in our yard for an awesome line with T bars, so, after a bit of online research:
I finally I stumbled upon a DIY project from who else but Martha Stewart.  Say what you will about her, she and I both appreciate the fact that something like this needs to look as nice as possible.

 Aesthetics are everything. 


Anita said...

Making your own clothes, using a clothes line...if you start making jelly and canning stuff I am coming over for an intervention.

lizzerd said...

not to mention pawpaw made those tbars a lifetime ago & they are still as sturdy as if they were done yesterday!
oh and umbrella ones can be not too bad. perryn has one & cleverly has a hole for it in her yard that allows her to take it out, fold it up & store it, then put her cute planter over the hole. clever, huh?