Thursday, July 21, 2011

short takes


Squeaky wooden doors remind me of Dr. Dugan's office.  Odd, since the last time I was there, I was like 8 years old.

File under Conversation Enders:

Me (to niece): Oh wow, that is such a cute skirt!  Where'd ya get it? 
Niece (after a pause): Um, my closet, I guess.

When fun, food, and family start blending together:

#4:  In the morning, can I have an Egg McGriffin?

Meh, what can I say?  He takes his role in The Church Militant quite seriously:

Niece: I love going to church with y'all... my church is boring.  It's white.  And we just have to sit there for an HOUR! 
#4: Do you have the Body and Blood of Christ there? 
Niece: No.
#4:  Then it's not Church! 

 If you have ever spent any amount of time with a toddler, they tend to tell "jokes" that are made up of whoever or whatever is sitting right in front of them at the moment.  Also, it should be noted that our #5 has a very slight lisp... and that she doesn't yet understand the finer points of enumeration.

#5: "Four kids go into a store. The firtht one said, "I am going to buy a peanut butter and honey sandwich."  The .... the.... (long pause).... two-tht one said..."


Anita said...

Toddler jokes are the best!
When our 21 year old college graduate was just turned 3, she decided to tell everyone at a party we were hosting of Allen's PhD cohorts and professors, "You wear diapers." She would then laugh like it was the best joke ever told. Oddly enough, everyone laughed along with her, but one very serious Jesuit PhD classmate. He tried to sit down and explain to her the finer points of when and why a person might need a diaper from birth to death. True story. Egged on by others who had laughed at the joke, she contined to hound him throughout the evening saying, "You wear diapers." He continued to explain why he didn't actually need diapers. At night's end, we were sitting around the table, he finally relented, "Ok, I wear diapers. I wear diapers." The other adults snickered quietly under their breath. Then Miss 3 popped up her head out from under the table, "I told you! You wear diapers!" Everyone laughed loudly this time. The 3 year old had outsmarted Mr. PhD.

lizzerd said...

Anita, that's what he gets for arguing/trying to reason with a 3 year old!