Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bye bye birdie

See the decorative duck in this photo?  We got him in Memphis at the Peabody Hotel last year.  I loved him.  A lot.
Recently, #4 had an agenda that involved just enough large-muscle movement that my dear duckie got knocked off his perch.  Onto the floor.  In which he sustained a major trauma:  Both feet were amputated.
It was the kind of accident that Super Glue couldn't touch.  Sadly, my sweet duck went into the trash.
"You could have set him down into a grapevine basket..." my mom tried to help ease the sting.
I know me. And every time I looked at that green duck in a basket, I'd know he had no feet.  And I'd get mad all over again.

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Anita said...

It is no fun to loose cherished items. Part of having children does seem to go hand in hand with having broken things. After you have time to mourn it and be a bit mad even, remember it is just stuff. The memory of the Peabody Hotel and even the breaking of the duck will remain.