Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a project of the soul

I have finally joined the 21st century and bought a printer that copies and scans. 

A couple of years ago my grandmother gave me a box of old photos, letters, etc.  I took the photos to a locally owned photo shop who wanted $1+ per photo to scan, resize, and print.  Too rich for my blood!
So the project was put on the back burner. 

Fast forward two (or so) years to this morning: 
"The Day I Start Scanning Old Photos"

I could not remember where I put the photos.  In a tear-filled, dizzy, cold, clammy, 'bout-to-pass-out state, I was searching every nook and crannie for the pictures.  The reason for such intense panic was that I had been entrusted with some of the world's Best Ever pictures.  And I had lost them.  I asked St. Anthony to prayerfully intervene on our behalf.  Saintly intervention allowed King and I to think a bit more clearly so that beautiful manila envelope was finally found, safely tucked away.  *Whew* I breathe a sigh of relief just typing that sentence.

There are so many that I would love for you to see, but the one which is the most dear to my heart is this picture of my dad's arms lifting my older brother into the air.  Blue, nearly cloudless skies are the wonderful backdrop.

The World's Most Incredible Picture Ever!

You have no idea how much I love this little bugga of a brother.  When my mother was expecting him, she was exposed to the German Measles.  As a result, he was born with severe mental retardation.  Additionally, he has a seizure disorder that twice a year used to wipe out any skills he had learned, such as walking or feeding himself.  Although he has never been verbal, no doubt I have a headstrong older brother who knows what he wants and what he doesn't want. 

I know my mom wonders what life would have been like had he been born "normal".  But I reassure her that as far as I am concerned, he is perfect.  Having him as my brother has been a gift from God, and has given us all a very special depth of character. 

So, you see, when I look at The World's Most Incredible Picture Ever, my soul is also soaring high above the ground beside that adorable, blonde-haired chunk of sweetness with the sparkling eyes and infectious giggle.  


Anita said...

Your father's arms and hands look like Pawpaw's. Your brother certainly has Griffin features.

So much joy in that moment. I agree! What a perfect picture!

lizzerd said...

I. LOVE. THAT. PICTURE!!!!!! i'm stealing it for my FB profile. anita, you are absolutely right. when he was younger, he favored charles a lot, now he looks quite a bit like the bentley crowd, but sometimes like jimmy when he was younger. he's got the garner nose for sure. like a little button.

Anita said...

Lizzerd...I can see the Charles idea, but was thinking of Scott Griffin. Wow, so much likeness! And/or a young Pawpaw..have you seen those pictures?!

Perryn said...

fabulous picture of your wonderful brother! i am honoured to have met him and can say that for someone who has little in the way of verbal communication, he has the most wonderful sense of humour!