Wednesday, May 25, 2011

whoot whoot

Let's just say at no 2's graduation from the 8th grade, he was awarded with a math award...Algebra must suit him. It's pretty cool considering that last year he was really struggling.
Just to make sure she had her figures right, after graduation at the reception I asked his teacher if it was a mistake. She laughed and assured me it was true,

"He has worked really hard. This last 6 weeks I introduced a new concept and he got it. A lot of the students didn't, but he did. Also he has been participating a lot more in class since that leadership scholarship that he won a couple of months back."

No matter how you add it up, King and I are quite proud of his accomplishments. I just hope I didn't disturb too many people in the church when I clambered around to pick my jaw up off the floor.


Anita said...

Good for Number 2!!

Anonymous said...

Love this kid of yours!!

La Rue