Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the little things

Let's face it: King babies our youngest child.

I could cite examples.

Lately, though, there is this thing they do in the morning. She gets dressed while he is downstairs maintaining order with all the lunchbox packing/cereal & milk pouring. When she is ready, she walks to the top of the staircase and says, "Daddyyyyy! I'm readyyyy! I'm standing at the stationnnnn!"

Then he comes upstairs and picks her up and carries her downstairs.

He does occasionally protest. On the other hand, he started the habit.

But what I think is sweet is that in a very few short years this little routine will have passed by the wayside, but what it leaves behind in each of them will be a great memory that they will probably laugh about on her wedding day.

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Anita said...

You are so right! My dad used to let me "cure" his hiccups. He even stopped by from work one day, so I could work my magic. The thought of it makes me smile that kind of deep smile that comes from the soul and shows up on the face as a far away glance and an ear to ear grin.