Wednesday, May 11, 2011

garden update

The tomato plants and squash plants are huge and all have flowers which mean that the fruits will be just around the corner. I was able to harvest a ton of basil (see today's wordless wednesday pic) and the butter crunch lettuce has not only recovered from the day I planted it and broke all of it's leaves, but is enormously full and ready to again be harvested. It is about the size of a head of Romaine that you'd see in the grocery store.

I haven't checked the blueberry bushes, but the strawberry plant is at least growing. It isn't really producing. Wonder if it, like the blueberry, needs to have more than one to really produce well?

I cut back the broccoli because it had gotten leggy and I have heard it is a winter veggie anyway. But I think I will keep it around in spite of that fact because the little bit of it I tasted was wonderful.

I know you prolly want pics don't you? Oh simmer down... I'll get to it. I promise. It's just that this is the busiest month of them all-


the month that's like a huge bowl of granola with crispy wheat, raisins, and almonds...

chock full of surprises in every bite.

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