Wednesday, May 25, 2011

no 1 new chapter: fast pitch softball

This child is so excited. She is so not the sporty type, but her best girl friend talked her into joining the girls softball team at school. So, as any fashionista would have it, we went straightaway to the sports store.

  • fast pitch glove size 13 (wasn't able to get the brown one with pink accents, or the black with pink, or the black with lime green, but she says it is the most comfortable one of the 4, so ok)

  • cleats (addidas black with stylish pink accents - oh yeahhhh - scored already!!!!)

  • visor (in school colors even!)

  • new hair elastics (for that perfect, perky ponytail)

  • eye blacking stick (to keep that pesky sun from blinding a girl while she is trying to catch pop flies)

When we got home, she tried on all her gear (right down to the eye blacking stuff) and when she looked in the mirror, she started jumping up and down squealing! "This is so cute!"

I haven't broken the news to her that her make-up might melt out there. Or that there might be gnats. No way I'm popping her bubble! She hasn't been this excited since she was three and the Teletubbies were coming on tv.


Anita said...

If I can ply softball, she'll be a superstar gnats and all.

Sheila said...

Also, don't let on about the big bruises you get when you get hit by that fast pitch softball! LOL My girls played for many years and loved it....even my oldest fashionista!!