Sunday, May 22, 2011

sixteen years ago today

Our no 1 turns 16 today.


It is amazing to watch the unfolding of the young woman God created her to be.

Though headstrong, she is not impulsive. She takes logic to a new level. For example, realizing she needs more experience behind the wheel of a car, she has made up her mind that she will wait until the end of summer break to get her license. After watching their shenanigans, she has decided that all her BFF girlfriends aren't really friends at all when they boy they like is around. So, my girl who has a love for roller coasters has invited her two best guy friends to go with her (and King) on a trip to a regional amusement park. What could be more fun? Smart girl she is, she realizes that there won't be any DRAMA if she goes with people who are emotionally stable. Besides that, these two young men make her laugh like no one else.... well, except her wonderful mother. (tee hee hee)


vcrick said...

Wish her a very happy birthday from me!

Perryn said...

oh man, now I feel REALLY old! how did she get to be 16 so fast?! doesn't seem like five minutes since i first met her and she got all freaked out by that stuart little movie and No.2 was running around in that adorable little cowboy hat/boots/gunbelt/tutu ensemble!!!

Anita said...

Happy Sweet 16!
Guy friends rock! Good for her!