Thursday, April 14, 2011

wild goings on

Things are getting sort of wild in our back yard today.

It is amazing to me to think of that little Red-Bellied Woodpecker (which don't have red bellies, oddly enough) carefully crafting that perfectly round hole and creating a big enough space inside to have a family. Isn't she adorable?

I didn't sit there long enough to see if "the Mister" was nearby.


And this blurry photo is a picture of the start of a Brown Thrasher nest, which is the whole reason that I was out there with binoculars and a camera anyway. I just happened to discover the Woodpecker when I was waiting on Mom and Dad Thrasher to return. They both were very busy placing sticks (and that piece of white paper) all day today. I took some fabric scraps out there hoping they would incorporate them into their nest. We'll see.

Best part: Except when the kids found out where I was, it was very peaceful sitting in the car with the windows down, gentle breeze blowing. Me with my binoculars and zoomy zoom zoom lens.


lizzerd said...

i thought the red-headed woodpecker was the male & the female was just brown.
too bad you were not in a convertible with your favorite sister enjoying the peace & quiet of not being found!

:o) mg said...

nope the red headed woodpecker is more rare than the red bellied and looks much different