Wednesday, April 6, 2011

never underestimate the power of a lemonade stand

This week my kids are on spring break and they are all pitching in and helping have a lemonade stand. We thought we could split the profits and give half to a friend of mine who is battling brain cancer.

We decided we would have it starting at 11 a.m. on all non-rainy days.

At the end of Monday(they lasted until 5!) they were exhausted, but in a good way. They decided that they didn't want to split the profits, they wanted to give all the money to help her.

Yesterday, they realized what a blessing it would be not only to our friend, but also to them when a customer told them about her mother who is in the hospital battling cancer for the third time.

Looks like it will be beautiful all week! So, from 11 - 2 (or longer if their energy holds out) we will be selling lemonade at 50 cents per cup and reaping the grace and blessings that come with each "thank you".


Anonymous said...


La Rue

Anita said...

Very proud of you all! Well done!

lizzerd said...

that is super cool!!! tell them how proud i am of them for being so thoughtful!!!