Monday, April 11, 2011

but you won't find either of us wearing overalls

We are getting ready to be farmers.

Last night King and I ordered 4 Earth Boxes. For quite awhile, we had been wanting to plant a little garden somewhere in the yard, but didn't want to mess up any of the lawn or flowerbeds. Enter my sister-in-law. Last summer we visited them for a brief little overnight trip. Outside her breakfast table window, she had tomato plants, pepper plants, and basil growing. I had no idea she had such a green thumb. Turns out she doesn't really have a green thumb, she had 3 Earth Boxes.

Then, when she made us lunch, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Tomato & basil paninis. Something similar to this.

Do you already know about Earth Boxes? If not, take about 30 minutes and Google it. Look at this You Tube video and see how normal people like you and me can successfully grow vegetables and fruits.

(There are several other videos on You Tube from people who have grown incredible vegetables showing off the growth and yield of their plants!)


Anita said...

Even for the NOT so green thumbed among us, like me?

Bia said...

fascinating! i'm more than intrigued and may want to try it ... what company did you order them from?