Saturday, April 2, 2011

too many chiefs, not enough indians

In case you don't know, the new buzz word in education is

All schools want to produce leaders. It's a noble thing to want to do.

No. 1 was given an application to fill out for the National Honor Society recently. On it were questions about where all the student volunteers on a regular basis, what activities the student is involved in, what organizations the student is involved in in which they held leadership positions both in and out of school, honors and awards the student has received.

Just reading the application made me feel like a slug who wasn't a good enough person, let alone a good enough mom who exposes her children to as many volunteer opportunities as the day can handle. If I was a good mom, I would be setting up situations in which she can take a leadership role.

I mean, can't she just put on the application,
"Regarding volunteering and leadership skills: I am the first born of five children."

Nuff said. N'est ce pas?

I'm wondering, if all children grow up to be strong leaders, who will be the followers? Who will be the doers?


Anita said...

I believe that leaders emerge from the groups they join, not because of the many activies they may or may not be invloved in, but because it is their God given talent and burden.

So yes, the eldest of five can indeed emerge as a leader of the five. Make sure to include that on her application. She has earned it!

N'est ce pas? YES!

lizzerd said...

girl scouts!! we found out yesterday that girls who have done their gold award projects get preference over those who have not, all other things being equal. also, if they go into the military, they get a higher rank & salary off the bat.

also, i'd say that being the oldest of 5 counts as leadership!

Anonymous said...

You speak for many mothers, to include me!! Sweet Chance just does what he is told, that's all I've ever asked of him. Is that so wrong? Don't think so!!

La Rue