Monday, September 27, 2010

your total today is one fifty five forty nine

On Friday I went birthday shopping at Belk, a department store I had not been in since probably 1984. They were having a huge blowout sale and everything was marked down.
I got #2 a navy blazer.... which he needed.........and a tie.... oh, and several things for myself.

And, because if I opened up an account, I saved another 15% on top of the 20% they took off for using the card for my day's purchase, which was on top of the 40-50% discount of the blowout sale items...... I was on top of the world. A Really. Smart. Shopper.

So, as I joyfully walked back into the house, gobs of seratonin coursing through my veins, I announced to King, "Hey, check it out, I SAVED two hundred and fifty dollars!!!"

He gaffawed.

I guess he just doesn't understand logic. Poor guy. You get it, though, right?


:o) mg said...

I mean, lookit, just the original price of the blazer was $75.... see? Crazy like a fox! ;)

Anita said...

Excellent work! Every good shopper knows you have to spend money to save it! Keep teaching, he'll learn. ;)

lizzerd said...

you should work for trhe government in the stimulus department. you could be the one reporting the "jobs saved" stats.

MJDMom said...

As someone who regularly checks the clearance racks for good deals I didn't know I needed I totally understand!