Friday, September 17, 2010

hypothetical situation: the power of positive thinking vs the power of prayer

Two men.
Both battling an illness.
Both married with children.
Loving families.
Lots of friends.
One is solely and entirely surrounded by prayer.
The other solely and entirely surrounded by "positive thoughts".
Which one would you rather be?
I'd rather be the one covered in prayer. These days, I see it written and hear about more and more people who are "sending happy thoughts your way". What the hell is that??!?!!!? It's like going into a closet and farting. Honestly. It goes no where. Logically, these "positive thoughts" just remain in their heads. That's all they can do. They are thoughts.
Prayers, on the other hand, have an address. They are directed Heavenward. Actually leaving the originator and going to the listening ear of the Lord - who has the power to answer prayer.
Mere "happy thoughts" are powerless. The "sender" is under the illusion that they, themselves are the owner-of-the-power and can actually heal someone with all the positive energy that radiates from them. Egocentric at best.


lizzerd said...

i'm experiencing deja vu. you've ranted about this before on here. i'm seeing a recurring theme. you must be losing your marbles & getting forgetful in your nearly old age. i'll send you some negative ions to calm & relax you per your mother's theory. hahahaha ;)

:o) mg said...

I remembered ranting about it before. Some things bear repeating (cherub voting?)

lizzerd said...

touche, pussycat! :D

:o) mg said...

ew, keep your hands to yourself.

Anita said...

Amen sister girl!