Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You have probably seen people who look JUST like their pets.

Well, I don't have a dog. But......

Can carry a heavy load.
Can't always tell how dirty I am by looking at me.


MaryPat said...

Bahahaha, you are so wrong...and WRONG! And heaven help us if we do resemble our cars....I would constantly smell like fast food. Wait, um, do I?

lizzerd said...

let's see, my headliner is falling down, my windshield is cracked, the air only comes out on the feet & defrost vents and the back passenger window doesn't work.'s a cadillac! what does that say about me? hahahhaa

Anita said...

I need to go wash my car now. Hmmmm...brown, works like a mule, thrifty with the gas... I should treat Bessie a little better..gotta go...a little vacuuming won't hurt