Friday, November 7, 2008


This morning, King had to go out of town right after he took the kids to school. I usually try to get to Curves 3x a week (M,W, F) by 7 a.m. to be home by 7:40 so that he can get the children out of the door to school. Half the time he stops back by the house to do a little more on the computer (a.k.a. drink a pot of coffee) so I am able to get a quick shower.
So, this morning my option was Curves with no shower afterward (PU!!), or shower only. I opted to bathe.
Whilst in said shower, I was thinking about the million and one things to do today. Got out, blow-dried hair.
"Hrm... must need another haircut, my hair is not doing what I am trying to make it do."
After I get downstairs, it seems as though my hair is getting "heavier" by the minute. What in the world?!?!?
DUH! I forgot to shampoo it.

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