Wednesday, June 26, 2013

who cares if they are comfy or not?!

No 5 needed new shoes so we headed to Payless Shoe Source.  In less than five minutes, black Mary Janes, Hot Pink Champion tennies, and hot pink plastic thong style sandals were the three shoes we had picked out, tried on, and walked to the cash register with.

Imma be real honest:  The older girls and I sort of went gah gah over the pink plastic sandals.
"Are they comfy?" the girls wanted to know when she tried them on.
"Yes!  W....well.... they sort of are," she corrected herself.


Today is the day in which we teach the lesson Style Before Comfort.

She has 40 years before she learns the lesson in reverse.


Anita said...

She's got style!

Perryn said...

ah - you know you've hit middle age when you spot some shoes in the store and your first thought is "man, they look comfy"......!!!!