Friday, June 21, 2013

first official entry

It happens so frequently, that I suppose I need to start keeping a log of them all.  Such depth of thought.  Pure.  One day, say, if he becomes a priest, he may want to expand upon the depth and meaning of the snippets he whispers in my ear. 

You know the one.
My butterfly.

"I need to whisper something in your ear," he said to me at the minor league baseball game this evening.
I leaned close, just in case it was something embarrassing like those beans from dinner gave me gas or the lady behind us has weird ears.

"There are no perfect circles," my savant child began, "only God's love."

I looked at him.  Knowing that I must begin His Log tonight.

"You get it?"  he wanted to know.  "Only God's love is the perfect circle."

I smiled a Mona Lisa sort of smile and said, "yep, I get it." 

Log Entry 1

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Anita said...

Such wisdom! Surely God does choose children to teach us.