Wednesday, January 16, 2013

happy hum drum

So each day I check on my new fran, whose name is Pinterest. 

And every. single. day.  I remark how the incredible people who post things on Pinterest are simply genius.  The creativity (I only go on Arts and Crafts/DIY) that these people have been gifted with is mind boggling.   

I mean, a mirror that looks like a chrysanthemum made out of plastic spoons?!?! 


I just got some more brains on my computer screen from my mind being blown away (again). 
"These people are genius!"
my kids keep hearing me say. 

You won't even believe what all you can do with an old incandescent light bulb, or how easy it is to free yourself from the dreaded popcorn ceiling.

But, I will say that Pinterest doesn't talk to me.  I do miss checking on and chatting with my real frans on Facebook.  But, truly, my life has just received an influx of time.  I almost don't know what to do with it.

There is a ribbon of loneliness though, Imma just be honest.
Mostly 'cause that's how I roll.

I am cooking each  night with some of the grand (yet easy-as-pie) recipes my new fran tells me about. 
We eat by candlelight now.  The kids think it is so cool.
Fancy Dinner they call it.
(We connect so much better by candlelight somehow.)

The TV is not on as much anymore either.  Unless it is our fireplace dvd, which is groovy, since our tv is in inside a fireplace mantel. 
Hard to explain, but there is a new-found peace.  We all feel it.  Things are much less..
Not that they really were, I guess...  there's just a happy hum that wasn't audible before.

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