Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a stone in my shoe

Presentation Ministries' One Bread One Body daily reflection is in my inbox each morning when I check my email.  Today's was like a stone in my shoe...

....Jesus is also calling you to repent. You want Him to drop the subject, but He loves you so much that He will confront you and bring to a head your rebellion against Him. As the Lord calls for your repentance, what will you do?
Jesus is too insistent on repentance for us to ignore Him for too long. We must either repent or get rid of Him. If the Lord would only "mind His own business" and stop insisting we repent, He wouldn't have to be crucified again (see Heb 6:6). Instead, He keeps bothering us. If He only would shut up, we wouldn't have to shut Him up.
What will you do? What will you do to Him? Will it be your repentance or His crucifixion?

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