Saturday, October 27, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a sweet baby girl who was born on a very special day:
  November 1st.
The Solemnity of All Saints. 

This same little girl grew into a bright, blue-eyed toddler who was never very far from her pacie or her Pink Dolly and was more considerate of the feelings of others than of herself.  That toddler skipped through her childhood stealing the hearts of many with her determination and her eagerness to please. 

She has never met an animal she didn't like, especially of the equine variety.  Nor has she ever heard an Irish tune she couldn't figure out on her fiddle.  She appreciates her few genuine friends and her brain's capacity to dazzle folks with brilliant facts is amazing.

She is now on the cusp of turning thirteen. 

Tomorrow I have a shopping date with this sweet baby girl.  As is the tradition in our family, a rite of passage at this special age, she will get her ears pierced.  We will get her her very own tube of mascara, her very own blush, and her very own lip gloss.  Mommy will splurge on an expensive perfume that is light and young and not too overpowering.  We may even find some clothes that will work.

Lucky lucky lucky me.
Happy birthday sweet Number Three.

Our 'nearly 13' year old.


lizzerd said...

give that girl a big squeeze from us!!! can't believe she is 13!!!!!!! wow!

Perryn said...

happy birthday, gorgeous girl!!

vcrick said...

My heart!

Anita said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!