Tuesday, October 23, 2012

auction mode

T minus 24 days and counting

Got anything to donate to the auction?
Want tickets?
Call me. 

In other news:
-College visit to Mercer University went well.  Even though we are Auburn People, we have fallen in love and can definitely see our girl as The Bear.
-Homecoming Game is Friday.  #1 on the Homecoming Court.  A first for our family.  We are very proud.
-#2 is coaching a Powder Puff game today.  Part of the fun-filled Homecoming Week line up of activities. 
-#3 and I attended a Family Honor course recently.  She gets it, y'all.  Amazing young woman she is.  The other day I asked King, "Where's ...(no 3)" and he said, she is upstairs writing a letter to her husband.  Wow.  See what I mean?  She routinely thinks outside of herself.  Always has. 
-"Wiggly" teeth all over the mouths of my two youngest.  They are starting to look like Jack-o-lanterns. 
Oh, hell, that reminds me:  I've gotta put together Halloween costumes. 

(juggling clowns & circus music much?)

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