Wednesday, September 19, 2012

why we sacrifice for our children's education

because Catholic Education Matters!

I grew up during a spiritually impoverished time when Catechism was severely lacking! Also, I was raised in a town where ours was one of only a dozen or so Catholic families.  We were in the minority and weekly, if not more often than that, I had to explain the fact that we did not worship statues nor did we worship Mary. 

I firmly believe that in our lifetime, Christians in America will suffer persecution of all sorts.  I pray that each member of our little brood will be strong enough to withstand it, and not knuckle under.  I pray that I am raising firm members of the Church Militant

My kids already know so much more than I do in regards to the faith because of the fantastic education they are getting at the elementary and secondary levels.  I am thankful that my children will not know the Spiritual Poverty that I knew and pray that they will take their rich faith into the world, bringing as many people as possible into the fold of the Fullness of Christ.

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Anita said...

Spiritual Poverty...what a great phrase. In a country that offers freedom of religion, why would anyone choose to live without the fullness of Christ?

I fully know not everyone can afford to pay for private education. It was a privilege for me to work and be able to use my pay to send our children to a throughly Christian school. Like you, I want them to be spiritually rich. Even if they never know persecution, they will know suffering. We all suffer. My hope is that they cling to their faith and grow closer to God during those times, realizing that His grace is sufficient.

So for don't worship statues? ;-)